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Youth Mental Health Wellness Project

For my university module on Design For Strategic Communications, I proposed creating an interactive website that will act as an online, central resource for youth to know more about mental health issues. This tactic is part of my proposed program, called ForYouth, which aims to increase mental health literacy among youth aged 13 to 16.

The website will include various teens-friendly content, including (1) what are the signs of depression or over-exertion, (2) how and where to get help when feeling depressed, (3) how to help others with poor mental health and (4) the common types of mental health disorders.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Sketch
  • Illustration
Fig 1. Screenshot for the website

Catering web copy and design to the target audience

As the target audience is youth aged 13 to 16, a teens-friendly tone was adopted and paired up with bright illustrations and colours to make the website attractive and readable for them.

Framework: Bootstrap

Note: Only two pages, the index and understand page, was coded for grading.

Fig 2. The Strong Brain - Concept design for the website's promotional materials
Fig 3. The Sleepy Brain - Concept design for the website's promotional materials