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Collection: Redesigned Interfaces

In this side project, I limit myself to redesigning user interfaces that already exist. My rationale is simple. Design involves problem-solving; it is not only about creating, but improving. 

The design process and learning points are documented in blog posts which I post on Medium. Do check it out!

  • User Interface Design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sketch
Fig 1. Gmail Sign up Page, redesigned in Adobe Photoshop

Gmail's sign up page

Staying true to Google’s minimalistic, user-centric approach to design, I crafted an alternative design to Gmail's sign up page. Key learning point: the importance of space and clarity in forms.

Fig 2. Paypal Checkout Page, redesigned in Affinity Designer

Paypal’s checkout page: Redesigned

A change from Paypal's classy white checkout page, I added more contrast and split the content on the original page into two - one section for making a payment, another for signing up. I also took the chance to try Affinity Designer, another prototyping tool, for the first time.